One of the most important steps in the sales process is the effective presentation of approval documents. It is important to explain these documents properly so customers understand what they are signing, and why they are signing it. Perception is reality in sales, having a full understanding of our documents will alleviate customer concerns, proactively maintain professionalism, and solidify customer confidence.

Customer Checklist

The customer checklist is a great tool to generally discuss our process with the customer. What information we need to schedule their job and the timeframe we expect to get it in.

Most Important: Ensure customers know we need their insurance summary to effectively put together a game plan for their job. After we receive insurance summary, insurance authorization, first check, and applicable color selections we can move forward with the scheduling of their job.

What To Expect

This document may be the most important one presented to the customer. Expectations are fundamental to a smooth job process. Please take the time to read through this and explain the importance of reviewing this document in detail to the customer.

Most Important: Prompt customer to cut grass within 48 hours of job date. This allows us to pick up nails effectively using magnetic rollers. In cases of satellite dishes, we will remove the dish but customers need to schedule time with their satellite provider to reattach.

Mortgage Affidavit

This document allows us to process customer checks that have a mortgage provider listed as a payee.

Most Important: Convenience for the customer is the main reason this document is important. We can process the customer’s check with their mortgage provider and begin work while we wait for the endorsement to come back. Many times, in order to get a bank endorsement, customers must set an appointment at their bank. Typically, only a bank manager can endorse a check. Without signing the affidavit, there may be a lot of leg work the customer needs to do.

Assignment of Claims

This document allows ASI Construction to be listed as a payee on any insurance proceeds associated to the claim filed by the customer. It is EXTREMELY important that we explain this effectively. We want to cultivate trust with our customers, this document is a benefit to the customer as it streamlines the insurance process.

Most Important:  The best way to explain this document is similar to the process customers go through at the doctor. Before a doctor’s appointment, a customer will fill out paperwork. After they fill out the paperwork, they pay their copay and see the doctor. That paperwork allows the doctor to communicate with insurance and it also allows insurance to pay the doctor directly. Patients fill out what’s called an “assignment of benefits.” In our business, we ask customers to fill out an “assignment of claims” so we can be added as a payee on insurance proceeds. This streamlines the process and ensures that we can negotiate with insurance companies on final payment so we can maximize our customer’s claim.

Insurance Authorization

The Insurance Authorization form allows us to communicate directly with our customer’s insurance company on their behalf.

Most Important: We cannot supplement or correspond with insurance without this signed.

Credit Card Authorization

Many of our customers choose to use a credit card to process their deductible payment. The reason for this, typically, is because they want to earn points for cash back, air miles, etc.

Most Important: we charge a 3% processing fee on all credit card transactions.

Proof of Payment Form

This document will act as a receipt any time checks are picked up from a customer.

Most Important: Leave the physical copy with the customer for their records, take a photo of the document for our records.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

We want to ensure that customers are aware that we have proper insurance for the workers that will be on their roof.

Most Important: This promotes peace of mind with the customer. Make sure to point this out to them.

Illinois Roofing License

Similar to our liability insurance document, providing the homeowner with a copy of our roofing license promoted peace of mind.

Consumer Rights Pamphlet

This is a legal document, backed by the Illinois Attorney General, that needs to be given to every customer. It goes through the rights consumers have when dealing with contractors.