It is important to the leadership of ASI that our employees and contractors understand the processes surrounding corrective action, resignation, and termination. Although these are processes we hope not to have to go through, it is important to maintain transparency with all team members.

Corrective Action:

There are 3 steps to Corrective Action.

1. Documented Conversation

a. When an issue arises with a team member, their direct report will call a meeting to discuss the issue directly.

b. The talking points of the meeting will be documented and signed by both the team member and their direct report.

c. If the issue persists, the team member will move to the second step of corrective action

2. Documented Meeting

a. If issues persist after a documented conversation has been had, the team member’s direct report will call a meeting with upper management.

b. The team member, their direct report, and a member of upper management will conduct a meeting to discuss the problem.

c. Specific examples need to be provided by the team member’s direct report.

d. When the meeting is concluded, the team member will write out their perspective of what was discussed at the meeting and how things need to change to insure that everyone is on the same page. Everyone will sign this document

3. Full Corrective Action Plan

a. If issues still persist after documented conversations and meetings. The team member will move into a 30 day Corrective Action Plan

b. A member of Leadership will clearly state, in written form, the problem or weakness, including the root cause

c. A list of individuals who will be accountable for the results of the corrective action plan will be established

d. A simple measurable solution will be developed that addresses the root cause of the issue

e. A 30 day timeline will be established in which the team member needs to change their behaviors based on the content of the written problem or weakness

f. Any issues that persist within the 30 day timeline will result in termination