The primary role of the Sales Representative and Senior Sales Associate is to generate sales opportunities through canvassing within approved storm affected areas. In the Insurance based storm restoration business, 80% of all sales opportunities should be acquired through door to door canvassing.

With the primary goal of becoming a World Class Organization, the leadership of ASI knows the importance of marketing based sales initiatives. We strive to use all the tools necessary to engage with potential customers through the internet and other avenues of communication. With that comes financial investment. It is important that our Sales Team understands the importance of proper lead handling.

To ensure leads are handled effectively and efficiently, and that we receive our targeted ROI (Return on Investment),  we have developed a Lead Process that should be followed by any Sales Team Member interested in receiving leads. It is important to note, leads are a privilege alloted to Team Members that follow our processes and engage with our leads professionally and aggressively.

Leads should be used to open up potential neighborhoods of business. It is important to mine these customers for referrals so proper sales pipelines can be created and maintained.


When a Team member receives a lead, our Office Manager or Sales Manager will assign that lead within our CRM System (Acculynx). The Team member will get a notification through acculynx to reach out to the customer. The expectation is that a lead will be reached out to within 5 minutes of receiving the notification. If, for whatever reason, a Team Member cannot reach out to the lead within that time frame, the office manager and sales manager need to be notified so another team member can take on that responsibility. On average 40% of sales go to the vendor that responds to the customer first.

Notes on lead interaction need to be accurate, detailed, and concise. There is no excuse for lack of notes. Notes should include, but are not limited to, specific items discussed with the customer, information on any appointments set, and any contact information acquired by the sales rep. All notes need to have the CEO, Office Manager, and Sales Manager tagged. Communication is key to ensure leads are processed effectively.

Follow up

Thomas Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” This quote perfectly explains the importance of timely and aggressive follow up. World Class Organizations do not subscribe to a “One and Done” mentality. It is important to note, 80% of sales require 5 follow up attempts, 44% of salespeople give up after one attempt.

Follow up Timeline

Day 1-LEAD RECEIVED: Call customer within 5 minutes of lead assignment notification. Leave professional voicemail prompting customer to call back.

Day 1-SECOND CALL: Call customer again, this time do not leave a message.

Day 2- THIRD CALL: Call customer again, leave message referring to initial call.

Day 2- FOURTH CALL: Call Customer again, do not leave a message.

Day 3-FIFTH CALL: Call customer and leave a message asking if they still would like help.

Day 4-SIXTH CALL: Call customer and leave a message.

Day 6-SEVENTH CALL: Call customer and leave a message.

Day 7-EIGHTH CALL: Call customer and leave a message.

Call customer once a week after the first 7 days until contact is made. All calls, even if contact is not made, needs to be notated in acculynx. If calls are not notated using this timeline, Team Members may become ineligible for leads in the future.