• (50) Business cards (accessible on person and / or in vehicle)
  • (150) Door Hangers (accessible on person and / or in vehicle)
  • (1) Clipboard
  • (1) Stick of chalk or soapstone
  • (1) Tape measure
  • (1) Pair of cougar paws
  • (1) Pair of gloves
  • (1) Pen
  • (1) Smart Phone (preferably an iPhone)


***COMPANY PITCH*** – (“Hi, My name is (First                                              Name) from ASI Construction. The reason I’m here is because we’re giving FREE Roof and Siding inspections. If we find any Storm Damage, it’s covered by your insurance company. Our inspection only takes a couple minutes, I’ll knock on the door when I’m done and let you know if you QUALIFY Okay…?” ) (Nod & Walk Away / Assume The Sale)

Customer responds: “I’m not interested” (1st NO)

Sales Rep’s Response: “What’s holding you back, from getting your Roof and Siding inspected…?” Customer responds: A) “I’m NOT Interested” B) “Any objection from customer” (2nd NO)

A)  *(Show laminated copy of the Storm Map) or (Interactive Hail Map / Hail Recon on your iPAD)*

Sales Rep’s Response: “Well that’s why the inspection’s FREE, if you take a look at this Storm Map –

you can see that you’re in the highlighted area and this is how your insurance company justifies paying to

replace your roof and / or siding. Our inspection only takes a couple minutes, I’ll knock on the door when I’m done and let you know if you QUALIFY Okay…?” (Nod & Walk Away / Assume the sale)

B)  *(“Any Objection”)*

Sales Rep’s Response: “I totally UNDERSTAND and AGREE one of my previous customers thought…

(Repeat Objection) / Ask a CONTROLLED QUESTION in regards to their (Objection) / Then tell a

STORY of how you’ve previously overcame their specific (Objection). Finish with: “Our inspection only takes a couple minutes, I’ll knock on the door when I’m done and let you know if you QUALIFY Okay…?” (Nod & Walk Away / Assume The Sale)


Customer responds: “I’m not interested” (3rd NO)

Sales Rep’s Response: “No problem…Do you work days or nights?” Customer responds: “I work days”

Sales Rep’s Response: “(And) – what time do you usually get home…?” Customer responds: “Around, 5:30 PM.”

Sales Rep’s Response: “Great, I’ll be here tomorrow at 6pm. Now, that’s not a softball or a church

night or anything is it?”

Customer responds: “No, that sounds good”

*(If there is another decision maker involved ask “Days or Nights” for them as well, set appointment accordingly)*

Customer responds: “No/or I’m not interested, get lost!!!” (4th NO)

Sales Rep’s Response: No problem, I’ll just leave you with a door hanger, in case you change your mind…?” (Attempt to hand the H/O a Door Hanger)


INSPECTION* “If you QUALIFY I’ll let you know, If you don’t I’ll be on my way” (Set Up Your Ladder)


  • Set up your ladder and do a complete walk around of the property taking photos/videos of ALL damages you
  • Inspect window wraps, gutters/downspouts, soffit and fascia, siding, deck and/or grill in the backyard (if applicable), A/C unit, fencing, and any detached structures for
  • Once on your ladder, check for drip edge and Ice and Water Shield. Let the customer know if they don’t have either one of these as they are code


  • Walk the roof entirely and take photos of any missing shingles or obvious
  • Take photos of the vents with the most visible hail damage on the roof. (Use chalk to enhance)
  • Take photos of any hail damage to the gutters and/or skylight’s flashing and
  • Take photos of the best wind and/or hail damage on the
  • Prep your video. Do a mock run of your video and figure out what damages you want to show the

***VIDEO SCRIPT*** – (“Hello, this is (First                                             Name). Here’s a piece of your personal property. WOW!! Look at this storm damage I’ve found! (Walk around and show the damage – SHOW EXCITEMENT – EMOTION CREATES EMOTION!!!) If you don’t have any leaking now, it looks like you will soon. This is typically what the insurance company needs to see to justify a full replacement. We just need to get a claim filed and get you approved for a brand new roof and/or siding just like we’re doing for a lot of your neighbors…!” )

  • If you get off the roof too quick, the customer might think you didn’t do a thorough
  • If you’re on the roof too long, the customer might think you are creating
  • Complete your inspection of the roof within 15 minutes. (Cater to the situation)


  • Approach the customer and ask them if they have any leaking. SHOW EMOTION!!
  • Sales Rep: “Do you have any leaking going on?!? Customer responds: “No, I don’t”
  • Sales Rep’s Response: “Wow! The storm damage I found almost always causes leaking!”
  • Sales Rep: “Do you have any leaking going on?!? Customer responds: “Yes, I do!!”
  • Sales Rep’s Response: “Wow! I figured, the storm damage I found almost always causes leaking!”


  • Tell the customer the phrase (***YOU MORE THAN QUALIFY***) then proceed ..
  • Show the customer pictures of any damage that you’ve found during your inspection. The most critical photos that you want to show to the customer 1st and that will work to your advantage in regards to convincing the customer to file a CLAIM are of missing shingles, obvious damage, and hail damage to (Turtle/Mushroom/750/Soft Metal Vents.) (ENHANCE WITH CHALK FOR MORE EFFECTIVE PHOTOS)
  • Show the customer pictures of the best “Hail Hits” on the shingles. Let them know hail damage affects the water shedding ability of the shingle and reduces the lifetime of the shingle dramatically. Reiterate that over time these hail hits will eventually become holes and start leaking. Always make it a point to reiterate the risk of leaks. Anytime I see VENTS like this, they leak within (6) – (18) months (It’s not IF, it’s WHEN).
  • Show the customer the video!
  • Customer response: “Wow that’s a lot of damage. What do we do next?”
  • ***7-8 MINUTES PITCH*** – (“Next Step of the process is that we make a quick call to your insurance company. It takes about (7) or (8) MINUTES, they’re going to ISSUE us a CLAIM NUMBER and schedule an adjuster to come out. I’m going to meet with that adjuster and do everything in my power to get you a brand new roof.”)
  • If the customer agrees, proceed to file the claim. If they say no, use other than
  • ***OTHER THAN*** – (((“Other than us working out the simple details with your insurance company or your deductible, would there be any other reason why you wouldn’t want to get this claim filed today?”)))
  • Use rebuttals to overcome objection. Use “Days or Nights” to set follow up appointment if necessary.


  • The customer has said, “Yes” now and agreed to calling their insurance company with you on their
  • You are going to make this phone call to their Insurance company via speaker phone, where ever the customer prefers and is most comfortable. (Garage, Kitchen table, Etc.)
  • Look up their Insurance company’s 24/7 claims department phone # via your
  • Let the customer know the policy number is not needed but ideal if it is easily (If not, tell the customer not to worry about finding the policy number as it will hold up the process. Insurance can typically pull up the policy information with the phone number associated with the policy.)
  • (When making the phone call)((( “Hi my name is Full Name from ASI Construction. I’m here with the policyholder and we’re looking to get a homeowner’s claim We do not have the policy number but we do have the full name, address, and phone number that is associated with the policy”)))
  • You will be asked a series of common sense questions by the insurance
  • The most important being the “DATE OF LOSS” This will be the same date as the “STORM DATE” for your area and / or this specific home. The insurance company representative will ask for the date and time. (Make sure you are 100% accurate with providing this information, be- cause it could affect the claim and possibility of the roof being paid for if this date is wrong.)
  • They will also ask how much of the roof is damaged and always say, “More than 75%.”
  • Always take down the CLAIM NUMBER from the insurance company representative at the end of the conversation. (Fill in the CLAIM NUMBER via the ASI Construction contract, on the line provided).


  • ***SIGNATURE PITCH*** – (“Last thing I need from you is your authorization”)
  • This allows me to meet with your insurance company.”
  • Lets you know your only out of pocket cost is your deductible.”
  • And if I do get you APPROVED, ASI Construction is guaranteed the work.”
  • And if I don’t get you APPROVED, it’s like you never signed it.”

Let them know they will get a copy of the agreement and hand the customer your pen and “DO NOT SPEAK” after you hand your pen to the customer.

First person to talk

Issue pink copy to the H/O within seconds after they have completed signing the agreement.


  • ***AA PITCH*** – (“The most important part of this process, is that I meet with your insurance adjuster when they come out to complete the ”)
  • Your insurance adjuster is going to call you and schedule an appointment with you to come inspect your roof and / or siding, make sure you get his / her name and phone #.”
  • (This is crucial that you get this information from the H/O. Getting the ADJUSTER’S FULL NAME dramatically increases our chances of getting the roof approved. If we can send the right ASI representative out that knows this specific adjuster and/or has the best relationship with this specific adjuster, we will have a better chance at getting this roof approved.)
  • Once you set this appointment, shoot me a call or text with the date / time and adjusters info. I will be here a 1/2 Hr early to represent you on your behalf and do everything in my power to get you a brand new roof.”


  • This is the last step of the process after filing the claim and setting up the adjuster appointment, before you leave the H/O’s house.
  • Give every H/O (4) business cards and tell them: “For every referral you give me that gets AP- PROVED, you get $250 as long as I have a signed contract, I do their roof, and they pay me in FULL.”
  • Always push this referral program at the end of every appointment and / or when a H/O starts asking for a discount.
  • Always put the (ASI) yard sign in the customer’s front yard after filing the claim, but before you leave the customer’s house. Vertical to the front door (Yard sign facing left and right, not facing the street) (If it’s a corner house, put (2) yard signs vertical or (1) Angled facing the street corner)