Every LEAD that you or your company receives should be viewed as an “OPPORTUNITY.”  An  “OPPORTUNITY” to get on a potential customer’s roof to file a claim.  LEADS should and will always range from (1-3).

(1) BRONZE     (2) SILVER     (3) GOLD

(I.e) (1) BRONZE = If you or your company receives a retail LEAD for a gutter estimate less than (100) LF.  ASI does NOT install gutters or downspouts less than (100) LF.  This LEAD should be viewed as an “OPPORTUNITY” to get on their ROOF and measure their gutters for the sole purpose of attempting to file a claim and convert this mediocre LEAD to an APPROVED JOB via an insurance claim.

“Do you have any leaks…?”

Customer: “No, Why…?” or “Yes, Why…?”

“When I was on your roof I noticed you had storm damage on your shingles as well as your gutters.” (Show pics of Hail Damage) [Defer to CANVASS TRAINING]

(I.e) (2) SILVER = If you or your company receives a retail LEAD for a roofing or siding estimate.  You should be attempting to convert this Retail LEAD to a Storm LEAD.

  1. Attempt to convert Retail LEAD to Storm LEAD
  2. Claim Filed
  3. Claim Denied (1st Denial)
  4. File Re-Inspection
  5. Claim Denied (2nd Denial)
  6. *NOW* IS WHEN YOU ISSUE THE CUSTOMER A RETAIL ESTIMATE – At this point you should have such a good rapport with this customer that it is likely they won’t shop you, or attempt to get other estimates due to the amount of interactions you’ve had together up to this point.

(I.e) (3) GOLD = Customer’s neighbor calls into the office from a yard sign in an area that you’re working, and wants an estimate or inspection.  ***This is called a lay-up gentleman***