“Hey – Customer’s Preferred Name,”

“No worries – *Everything our installers do, They do for a reason*.  Can you send me pics (close-ups and overviews) of what you are looking at?  I will upload them to your account and TAG our Service Department to set up a Quality Control Inspection.  I don’t want to give you the wrong answer.  I would prefer that our Service Manager takes a look at (it), so we can resolve (this) for you sooner than later.”

Immediately after you end the call: (SEE BELOW)

Click on this specific job via AccuLynx and change the job priority to URGENT.  Once you have changed the job priority to URGENT, you need to put in an effective notation about what you and the customer talked about, as well as upload ALL pics to their account via AccuLynx under Service Issue Photos.  TAG our Service Department in this notation, so our Service Manager can reach out / set up a Quality Control Inspection with the customer ASAP.  Do NOT forget to TAG our Production Department on ALL Service Issue notations in case the installation crew needs to be scheduled to go back out to this property.