Items needed for LEAD to be changed to a PROSPECT via AccuLynx @ JOB TURN-IN (11:00AM – 1:00PM on TUESDAY): (THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Contingency Agreement (SMART DOC) CUSTOMER MUST SIGN
  • Insurance Authorization Form -OR- Assignment of Insurance Claims (SMART DOC) CUSTOMER MUST SIGN
  • Balance Claims Photo Checklist – ALL pics to be uploaded via AccuLynx, Front / Back / Left / Right, ALL elevations + (4) corners of property, ALL Slopes / Skylights / Penetrations / Etc. (SMARTDOC)
  • Material Checklist (SMART DOC)

Items needed for PROSPECT to be changed to APPROVED for PRODUCTION via AccuLynx in 2020: (THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS)

  • Scope of Work (SMART DOC)
  • Mortgage Affidavit (SMART DOC) CUSTOMER MUST SIGN
  • Insurance Summary
  • Pre Start Checklist (SMART DOC) CUSTOMER MUST SIGN
  • Updated Signed Contract (SMART DOC) CUSTOMER MUST SIGN
  • (1st) Insurance Check = Deposit
  • Permit

*Job is now APPROVED and ready to be scheduled*

LEADConverted by ASI Representative (You)

PROSPECTConverted by ASI Storm Sales Manager (Brody Z)

APPROVEDConverted by ASI Office Staff (Matt K)

COMPLETEDConverted by ASI Production Manager (Dan G)

INVOICEDConverted by ASI Office Staff (Matt K)

CLOSEDConverted by ASI Office Staff (Jay A & Matt K)